AmeGien JAPANESE High Efficiency Melt-Blown Polypropylene Cartridges

AmeGien high efficiency melt-blown polypropylene cartridges with antimicrobial technology featuring a silver based antimicrobial agent (silver-ion & Aluminosilicate) in the plastic matrix with a specific technology: the silver-based active ingredient is widely distributed so that the antimicrobial technology infused into the filter cartridge helps prevent the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria keeping it cleaner for longer. AmeGien cartridges with antimicrobial technology are the most appropriate sediment filter cartridges for all drinking water applications.

AmeGien cartridges are made in blue colour to make them different in aspect and easy to find out in the market. The colour itself is not synonymous of the antimicrobial technology, which is granted by technology and by tests and certifications.

Nevertheless, Amequa cartridges can be used in every housing as the concept is made to help keep the filter cartridge cleaner between uses while in service. The filter cartridges with antimicrobial technology are made in 2 main versions: -

  1. Melt-blown cartridges with heights from 5” to 50”, filtration from 1 to 50 micron.
  2. String-wound cartridges with heights from 5” to 40”, also available with OD at 4.50” to fit to 20” housings; filtration from 1 to 100 micron.

Amequa inline filter cartridges with antimicrobial protection are the most reliable sediment filtration systems for all drinking water applications, staying cleaner for longer.

Amequa antimicrobial technology is not designed to purify drinking water, but to fight the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on the housing and filter itself which could adversely affect filter life and performance.